Master of Business Administration

30 Semester Credits / 3 Semesters / 10-20 Months

Delivery Mode: Online

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a widely recognized and valued graduate degree. The MBA program at United States University combines theory and practice—allowing students to apply what they have learned. Students will gain a broad understanding of the functional areas of business (finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology), as well as develop their leadership skills through courses in organizational behavior, project management, international/global management, strategic planning, organizational change and innovation. Also, the curriculum facilitates the development of leadership skills and core competencies in critical thinking and problem solving, project management, communication, teamwork, and ethics.

This program provides working adults the opportunity to learn without interrupting their careers, having to relocate or commute to classes. Course materials are available 24/7, and since class participation is required, students have the opportunity to interact with and learn from faculty and one another.

Students may enroll in MGT999 Graduate Professional Symposium to meet alternative work/study requirements and may participate during their first academic year due to the accelerated nature of the program.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  1. Demonstrate the ability to communicate complex business concepts.
  2. Employ theoretical and practical business knowledge to identify decision-making risks.
  3. Execute qualitative and quantitative techniques to solve business problems.
  4. Formulate ethical and socially responsible business decisions as they impact organizations, communities, and society at large.
  5. Evaluate the impacts of globalization on all aspects of commerce, both internally and externally.
  6. Apply theories of effective leadership.


ACT514 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS500 Business Information Systems 3
BUS505 Operations Management and Decision Models 3
FIN510 Financial Management 3
MKT506 Marketing Strategy 3
MGT504 Talent Acquisition, Performance, and Behavior 3
MGT599 Capstone 3

Note: MGT599 is non-transferable must be taken in last semester

BIS543 Business Process Modeling and Enterprise Wide Information Systems (IT) 3
BIS545 Organizational, Legal and Ethical Issues in the Digital Enterprise (IT) 3
BUA539 Business Systems Analysis, Modeling and Design Methodologies (IT) 3
BUA542 Descriptive and Predictive – Analytical Decision-Making Tools I (BA) 3
BUA543 Prescriptive Analytic Decision-Making Tools II (BA) 3
BUA546 Big Data and Future Directions for Business Analytics (BA) 3
BUI541 Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence (BA) (IT) 3
FIN511 Corporate Financial Accounting (FIN) 3
FIN512 Finance Strategy and Valuation (FIN) 3
FIN514 Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN) 3
HRM502 Attracting and Retaining Talent (HRM) (MGT) 3
HRM503 Executive Seminar: Human Resources Trends and Emerging Practices (HRM) 3
HRM504 Human Resource Analytics: Managing Total Rewards Compensation (HRM) 3
HRM505 Human Resource Strategy and Leadership Decision-Making (HRM) (MGT) 3
MGT511 Managing Organizational Change and Innovation (MGT) 3
MGT512 Cross-Cultural Management (MGT) 3
MGT534 International Business Environments: Trends and Practices (IB) 3
MGT538 Global Business Leadership (IB) (MGT) 3
MGT540 Global Business Strategy (IB) 3
MGT550 Project Management Essentials (PM) 3
MGT551 Project Management Organizational Framework (PM) 3
MGT552 Project Management Integration Framework (PM) 3
MGT553 Information Technology Project Management (PM) 3
MKT507 Marketing Analytics (MKT) 3
MKT508 Internet Marketing (MKT) 3
MKT510 Consumer/Buyer Behavior (MKT) 3
MKT536 Global Marketing (IB) (MKT) 3

Students may select any three courses from the elective list above; but may focus in an area by selecting three in any area as identified by code below.

BA - Business Analytics

FIN – Finance

HRM - Human Resources

IT – Information Technology

IB – International Business

MGT - Management

MKT - Marketing

PM - Project Management