Master of Business Administration (I)

The College of Business and Technology at United States University has received approval from the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to enroll non-immigrant students in its 36-credit hour Master of Business Administration (iMBA) program. Students interested in the 36-credit hour iMBA must have previous work experience, be working currently in a full-time or part-time position, completing an internship, or job shadowing. Opened to international applicants only, the primary intent of the program is to provide F-1 international students a chance to expand their professional experiences in western culture and American organizations.

The MBA is designed to:

Combine theory and practice – allowing students to apply what they have learned in their previous and current professional experiences.

Acquire versatile knowledge in functional areas of business (finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology).

Advance students’ dexterity in leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, ethics, and communication through the combination of pedagogy and practice.

Satisfy students intellectual curiosity in a specific discipline with elective courses in analytics, finance, HR, information technology, international business, marketing, or project management.

The graduate capstone, MGT699 requires students to have gained professional experience aligned with their major course of study while enrolled in their MBA. Thus, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a program requirement and students must take at least one term of CPT prior to entering MGT699. Students are permitted to take more than one term of CPT if they choose so long as they remain eligible. Once students have been authorized for CPT, they will be enrolled in MGT999 Graduate Professional Symposium.

  1. Evaluate academic and professional sources of business-related data and information.
  2. Leverage diversity to optimize performance in the global marketplace.
  3. Lead organizations using creative and innovative strategies and solutions to achieve business objectives.
  4. Write effectively as a business professional to meet organizational goals.
  5. Speak and present effectively as a business professional to meet organizational goals.
  6. Work effectively in pursuit of optimal team decision-making and performance.
  7. Analyze financial and other quantitative data in the decision-making process.
  8. Recommend alternative solutions to resolve ethical dilemmas in business.
  9. Strategically evaluate the factors involved in business situations/issues to promote innovation, improve performance, and mitigate risk.


ACT514 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS500 Business Information Systems 3
BUS505 Operations Management and Decision Models 3
BUS544 Business Economics 3
FIN510 Financial Management 3
MGT504 Talent Acquisition, Performance, and Behavior 3
MGT511 Managing Organizational Change and Innovation (MGT) 3
MGT512 Cross-Cultural Management (MGT) 3
MGT534 International Business Environments: Trends and Practices (IB) 3
MGT550 Project Management Essentials (PM) 3
MKT506 Marketing Strategy 3
MGT699 Graduate Capstone 3
MGT999 Graduate Professional Symposium 0

Note: MGT699 is non-transferable. This course must be taken in the student's last semester