Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills required for strategic planning and decision making. DBA programs are popular among working professionals because the focus is on applied problem solving. Many DBA graduates either continue their career as management executives, use the degree to shift their career, or use the degree to alter their career trajectory within the same discipline. Graduating from a quality DBA program demonstrates the highest levels of commitment to continual learning, leadership excellence, and professional development.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  1. Students will propose and assess ethical frameworks to advance corporate social responsibility and ethical decision making.
  2. Students will critically evaluate theoretical and applied research in business administration.
  3. Students will synthesize knowledge of the scholarly literature in strategic management.
  4. Students will conduct and defend applied research that engages a pragmatic business problem.
  5. Students will justify solutions for the refinement of business practice based upon research, knowledge of the literature, and best practices.
  6. Students will formally summarize advanced knowledge in their field of study verbally and in writing.
  7. Students will appraise and refine solutions to organizational problems using a strategic management perspective.


DBA701 Scholarly Writing and Formal Inquiry 3
DBA702 Topic, Justification, Purpose, and Research Questions 3
DBA703 Literature Review 3
MGT701 Theoretical Foundations of Management 3
MGT702 Seminar in Organizational Behavior 3
MGT703 Seminar in Organizational Theory 3
MGT704 Advanced Topics in Business Ethics 3
MGT705 Advanced Topics in Business Policy and Strategy 3
RES701 Research Theory, Design, and Methods 3


Students are required to take 3 credits of electives from the list below.

RES702 Topics and Application in Case Study Design 3
RES703 Topics and Application in a Systematic Literature Review 3
RES704 Topics and Application in Archival Data Analysis 3


Students are required to take 3 credits of electives from the list below.

SDP701 Systematic Doctoral Project 3
SDP702 Systematic Doctoral Project II 3
SDP703 Systematic Doctoral Project III 3
SDP704 Systematic Doctoral Project IV 3